Zambricki Li

"The EP is..about plucking up courage instead of living in a state of self delusion and features the great lines:
"I'm tired of saying I might
And reading books I should be writing"
-Martin Raybould 'Whisperin and Hollerin'

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Every songwriter could use a stroke of luck once in
awhile. With so many low-profile buskers playing an
endless number of coffeehouses and open-mic
nights looking for their break, the fact that
John Zambricki caught his may seem kind of arbitrary at
first glance. The fact that this New Jersey-born 20-
something, who has criss-crossed his way across
The States since his teens, landed his good fortune
in Nashville -- a city littered with promising
songwriters -- makes it seem all the more unlikely.
More than just being in the right place at the right
time, though, Zambricki has found a
voice that is both authentic and seasoned.
So when a Nashville Publisher landed him
a sit-down with the powers that be behind the film
Paper Heart to play a stripped-down version of
"Airport Goodbye," the fit was entirely natural.

His recurring themes of lost love,
of life moving on before you've had a chance to say your
farewells, and hard-lived memories of years past -- they're all strangely familiar. And what's more, they're
similar to the themes of Paper Heart. As a result, As a result, Zambricki found himself playing " Airport Goodbye in a scene of the film. With backing bands set up all across the country via Craigslist hits, Zambricki is savvy enough to understand today's haphazard music business and smart enough to do it his own way. The unsigned artist will spend 2010 working on a film project and touring throughout the US between Nashville and Los Angeles

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Roberson's Fine Jewelry - Engagement Spot (30 Seconds) from Josh Gooden on Vimeo.

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